50 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria (2020)


Can you imagine some moments of your life without the internet? How do you feel, lonely, forlorn, or bored? Such is how important the internet is to every entrepreneur and business owner in today entrepreneurial world.

While this article will be discussing the 50 ways to make money online in Nigeria in a pure and legitimate way, it’s important you understand the nature of the businesses before you venture into any.

Smart Ways to make money online in Nigeria as a Student

Hence, the following money-making business ideas and opportunities may contain your true calling in the entrepreneurial realm, do read between the lines.

  1. Blogging

blogging nigeria

Though not easy but truth be told, blogging is one of the ideal ways to earn money in Nigeria. For me, I’d say it is the most popular way left for the smart kid to make money online.

If you’re passionate about a particular thing, let’s say traveling, and you really want to make money online; then you can start a traveling blog.

To get started, you’ll need a domain name and a hosting plan but if you’re not good in programming, there are many website developers out there to assist you in developing a blog for a token.

So if you have a user-friendly blog with lots of unique, SEO friendly, and engaging content on it, monetizing such a blog for money wouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll earn a certain percentage of commission for driving lead to a particular company’s products.

You can make money online doing this business if you have an established social media presence.

  1. YouTube Video

Are you skillful in particular artistic skills? Are you knowledgeable in a particular field that people really need? If yes, do you know that you can record a video doing such a thing and upload it on YouTube for monetization?

Well, the act of recording videos while giving a tutorial on how a particular thing is being done is also called Vlogging.

So to make money online via the YouTube channel, you’ll have to create your own account with YouTube after which you’ll be uploading your tutorial videos.

However, the more you get followers liking your tutorial videos, the more your chances of earning dollars at the end of the month from the comfort of your sofa in Nigeria.

  1. Buy and Sell Bitcoin Online

As I have said earlier, all these 50 ways to make money online in Nigeria are purely legal and legit.

Hence, if you really want to become an online entrepreneur, you can invest in buying and selling Bitcoin online.

Although it requires some basic knowledge to get started in this online business, you can watch YouTube tutorials for more inquiries and clarifications.

  1. Freelance writing jobs

There are over 4 billions blogs and websites out there and as such, there’s always need for versed writers to furnish the blogs and websites with unique and plagiarized-free articles.

So if your writing skills is exceptional, you can become a freelance writer and start earning right from the comfort of your room.

To get writing gigs and projects, there are many writing job boards out there that you can visit to land a client who will gives you topic(s) to write on and among them are; Upwork, Fiverr, freelance, etc.

  1. ySense (ClixSense)

You can also make money using your smartphone and active data bundle by completing a survey online.

Just open a paid survey account with ClixSense and you’ll be given a survey task every day to complete. When your earnings reach a certain threshold, you’ll be allowed to them cash out.

  1. eCommerce Business

Thanks to the technology boom, people no longer need to work down the traditional brick and mortar store before they can get all that they need.

So if you are passionate about making money online in Nigeria, you can start an e-commerce business where you’ll be selling your products to the interested buyer.

As a seller, you can sell your products on Jiji, Jumia, OLX, and host of other e-commerce websites in Nigeria and you can make use of the Facebook marketplace too.

All you have to do is to visit any of the eCommerce websites in Nigeria and register as a seller. Before you know it, your products will be out live awaiting potential buyers to come inbox.

Alternatively, if you have some considerable budget, you can create your own e-commerce website and start selling your products online.

  1. Social Media marketing

The era of using social media platforms for chatting and uploading selfies is gone. People are now earning thousand of dollars via social media channels. So what are you waiting for?

Create a page on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and advertise your products there, an interested buyer will surely reach you out.

  1. Social media networks

All the social media networks are very good for marketing and promoting businesses of all sorts.

If you understand who your target audience are, you wouldn’t have problem networking with people of like minds online.

  1. Cryptocurrency

The believe of average Nigerians is that the Cryptocurrency business investment is another Ponzi scheme in the darkness. Alas, the industry just keep soaring higher.

Hence, you can invest in this digital medium of exchanging currency and realized a lot of profit in the long run.

  1. WinApay

You can test your technology, fashion, politics, entertainment, music, science etc., knowledge on WinApay and get paid for answering questions correctly.

All you have to do to make money on this platform is to create an account with them, choose the category that interest you and answer 10 good questions correctly. Your account will be credited immediately.

  1. Create an online course

If you are very good in a particular profession, why don’t you create an online course and start making money from the internet?

The worldwide web is another planet on its own. People can’t do without searching for certain information on Google.

You never can tell, thousands of people out there might be looking for ways to learn that particular skill you possess, so imagine creating an online course for a dollar and calculate the amount you tend to make at the end.

  1. Trade Forex and binary options

10 Best forex platform in Nigeria

Forex trading and binary involve currency exchange and commodity or stock investment. This industry is the largest markertplace in the world now.

No amount is to small, invest some dollars in the industry today and see how your money will be inflated in a week’s time.

  1. Sell on Konga

Are you an artist and will like to make money online? Are you into a hand-craft business but don’t know how to become an online entrepreneur? If yes, then your problem is solved.

Konga is one of the leading online markertplace in Nigeria where buyers and sellers carry out clean and legitimate transactions.

Hence, you can register on Konga e-commerce website and put your handcrafted items up for sale.

  1. Sell on Jumia

Just like Konga, Jumia is another topping e-commerce website in Nigeria you can register as a seller to sell your products and items right from home.

For example, you can import 50 pieces of SKMEI wristwatches from China VIA Aliexpress and sell them for an interesting margin on Jumia.

  1. Domain flipping

Another legit way of making money online in Nigeria is buying and reselling of domain names to interested buyers. This is called domain flipping.

This business idea is one of the internet money-making opportunities that is only known to a few bloggers and SEO experts.

As easy as this online business idea is, it’s very lucrative and super profitable. Can you imagine buying a domain name as low as 3k and reselling it at over $5000? Cool right!

So if you are very versatile in this field, you can double your means of earning money online by venturing into domain flipping some popular places to see what people are buying is Namesilo marketplace, Flippa.com, Sedo domain marketplace etc.

  1. Web flipping

You can equally make money on the internet by buying and reselling a website or blog in Nigeria. As had been said about flipping earlier, so all you need is to buy or build a new website, develop it, and put it up for sale.

No matter the amount you may have incurred in the cause of building the website, you’ll earn double in the course of flipping (selling) it if you manage it well. If you are good at building Niche websites you can get a handsome paycheck on flippa.com for a successful money-making content website sold.

  1. AdSense flipping

One of the many ways you can earn through blogging the fastest is by applying for Google AdSense. As popular as it is, getting Google approval for AdSense is hectic and tiring.

Hence, many bloggers prefer buying AdSense account from any available buyer. So if you are an expert in getting Google AdSense approved, you can venture into this as an online business.

Google AdSense flipping is lucrative and profitable as desperate buyers don’t mind buying it at a relatively high price.

  1. Real estate marketing

The rate at which Nigerians are investing in the real estate industry is no joke and as such, you can join the moving train by becoming a real estate online marketer.

You job will be to help realtors, real estate agents, real estate investors, and the likes market their estates online via the instrument of website and social media platforms.

To do this, you can meet with various realtors in your area and pitch your idea on how you intend to grow their business using online media.

  1. Online training

As an artisan, there’s no better time to take your work online than this period of lockdown. Create an online class; whether on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram at an affordable price.

People will surely enroll as everyone is trying to learn something new every day online.

  1. Sell a service online

If you are a web designer, graphic designer, and the likes, you can render your service to the interested people online and get paid.

  1. Web designer/developer

You can’t become a website designer unless you understand programming language very well. Then if you do, explore the internet for people who are waiting to engage your service.

  1. Video editing

The video industry is growing on a daily basis with lots of people needing professional help from veteran video editor.

So if you can edit and create quality video files, you can take your professionalism online and be making money right from home.

There are many websites out there looking for professional video editors, among them is ViEdit, Mofilm, etc.

  1. Transcription jobs

If you’re skilled in converting audio files into text or transcribing recorded interviews into podcasts and lecturers, you can make money online doing this job too.

Open an account with Fiverr and Upwork, you’ll surely land a paying client or two within two weeks.

  1. SEO consulting

make money online in nigeria by becoming an seo expert

Companies are increasingly in need of SEO experts that can boost their online presence and get them sales leads that turn to paying clients. If you’re that person, then you’re in for serious business.

The numbers of Nigerian bloggers have risen drastically and as such there will always be the need for an SEO expert for consultation.

If you know the nook and cranny of search engine optimization, this is one of the surest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Edit your social media pages biography and let everything about you depict a professional SEO consultant, you’ll definitely make enormous wealth online.

  1. Sell on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most patronized social media platforms in Nigeria. So instead of uploading selfies on the page, why don’t you promote your business and products there?

Regardless of the products or services you’re offering, Instagram is one of the surest places to meet your target audience.

However, whatever the products or services you’re selling on Instagram, always add hashtags and a calls-to-action post on every advert you make. Such is the only means by which your potential customers can discover your products.

  1. Sell on Facebook

Facebook is another social media outlet where you can market and sell your products or services to your potential customers.

In fact, Facebook has a dedicated page; Facebook markertplace where buyers and sellers can meet to enter into a valid transaction.

So make use of your subscription judiciously and join thousands of Nigeria on the Facebook markertplace.

  1. Ebook marketing

Ebook marketing is another way you can make money online in Nigeria as a passionate writer.

As a writer who wants to make money online, one of the best ways to do that is by compiling your manuscripts into a PDF file and sell it as an ebook online.

It’s not necessary you have a blog or website before you can market your ebook, your potential buyers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the likes are patiently waiting for the ebook to be out.

  1. Sell on Facebook groups

Other than the Facebook marketplace, another perfect place to sell your products or services on Facebook is on Facebook groups.

All you have to do is to join various groups that have to do with your products, market it in a convincing way and buyers will storm your inbox for more details and negotiation.

  1. Sell your pictures online

If you have a nice eye for the camera and enjoy taking your camera with you everywhere you go, you can take beautiful pictures and put them up for sale online.

Among the websites that paid for colorful, meaningful, and well-taken pictures include Shutterstock, iShutter, Pexels etc.

  1. Social media manager

In addition, you can make money online as a social media manager where you’ll be representing a particular brand or company on the various social media channel as there voice.

You help them reply comments, create content, compile campaigns, etc., and you’ll be paid robustly by such company.

  1. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is one of the hot online business ideas that Nigerians are patronizing these days.

So if you want to join the league of online entrepreneurs by investing in Dropshipping, all you have to do is to buy products from a third-party and shipped them directly to the interested buyers.

  1. Become a social media influencer

As a social media influencer, you’ll use your influence and credibility to help brands and companies promote their products on social media.

However, you’ll be paid tremendously by such companies or brands for the huge lead you generate to their advantage through your social media outreach.

  1. Teach a language online (English or French)

Do you speak and understand the language of French, English, and the likes? If yes, a language instructor may be your true calling.

All you need to have in your possession is a website or social media presence and the rest will history.

  1. Work as a virtual assistant

You can equally make money online as a virtual assistant. All you have to do is to help business organizations out by doing some research and assignment on their behalf.

  1. Start a podcast

Another online money-making business idea that is not yet stiffed and saturated is podcasting.

Here, you’ll record an audio file explaining how to do a particular thing or teaching a particular course and then put it online for download.

Where you make your money is via the downloading. Any interested individual will have to pay some dollars before they can access it.

  1. Become a professional gamer

make money online in nigeria by becoming an online professional gamer

If you’re very good at playing games and you spend most of your hours practicing until you mastered some levels and tricks, then you can make money online playing such games.

There are many multinational companies out there that are ready to sponsor a professional gamer to any length, so with time, you may get there too. Keep practicing your moves! You can start gaming on Youtube or better still on the world’s most popular gaming platform Twitch.

  1. Peer to peer lending platform

You can open a Peer-to-peer lending platform online where you’ll be borrowing your close circles’ money in consideration of some token (commission) in return.

  1. Mobile app development

Are you good in programming and coding but don’t know how to make money online in Nigeria? If yes, mobile app development is a good online business opportunity that pays.

What you need to do is to develop a mobile app and put it up on Playstore or Appstore and you’ll be given a certain commission per download.

  1. Start selling furniture online

There are many online marketplaces out there – both local and foreign – where you can register as a seller and put up your beautiful products for sale.

E-commerce websites like Etsy, OLX, Jiji and the likes are the best place to sell furniture and handcrafted items.

  1. Start selling cooking gas online

For the past few years now, almost every household in Nigeria are now using gas cooker. In other to stay ahead of your competitors, you can take your own cooking gas cylinder business online.

You can create your own website or place an advert with Google AdWords, and you can also partner with bloggers by placing a banner containing your details on the top leading websites in Nigeria.

Equally, you can keep it simple and still make money online by advertising your cooking gas cylinder business on your social media pages.

  1. Sell water online

One of the most popular and highly patronized beverages in Nigeria is water. So you can start a sachet and bottled water company where you only take orders online.

Doing this, people will patronise you since what they need to do is to place an order online and water be delivered to their home, office, or shop.

Such is one of the new ways to make money using the instrument of the internet.

  1. Offer errands service

make money online in nigeria

Making money online in Nigeria as an errand person involves taking and executing tasks for corporates and households, for example, you can pick up and deliver goods for other small businesses for a fee, go to market for others, baby sleep, etc.

You don’t need any money, skills, or experience to start this job, with your smartphone and thorough research, you stand a chance to land a job within hours.

  1. Offer caregiving services

Caregiving service has to do with taking care of a person due to illness, injury, or age. These set of people wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves and as such, needs a caregiver.

So you can create a caregiving agency online where people will be visiting whenever the need the help of a caregiver. You will also make use of your social media pages too, to create awareness for your target audience about your new business.

  1. Write music and sell

No doubt! Nigerian has a massive and still booming music industry, Not all musicians are songwriters and not all songwriters are musicians. So if you are talented in writing hit songs, you can create a website where you’ll be selling music verses and lyrics to the interested musicians.

  1. Playwrighting

Also, if you’re creative and a good play writer, you can create an online presence where you’ll be selling the copyright ownership of your play scripts for a handsome amount of money.

  1. Ideate, produce & Sell a documentary video

You can also make enough money online by collating, directing, and producing a documentary video about a particular person or things that are of human interest and put them up on a monetized YouTube channel.

  1. Online barbing shop.

As a barber, you can make additional money online by opening an online barbing store where you’ll be selling barbing salon tools and equipment. You can also spice it up by selling hair foods and treatments too.

  1. Offer music training subscription online

In the same vein, you can create an online music session where you train music lovers on how to write hit songs, play piano, blow the trumpet, etc.

While this class wouldn’t be free as you’ll be sending podcasts and videos, the interested persons will have to be paying an affordable fee in form of subscription before they can join the class session.

  1. Learn programming

make money online in nigeria by learning programming and coding

As a programmer, opportunities abound. You can develop an app, you can build and create a website, you can code among many other things.

So if you want to make money online with ease, it’s better and advisable you learn coding and programming as such, earning dollars online wouldn’t be a problem.


Note that there are over 1000+ ways to make money online in Nigeria, but the above 50 are the best among rest.

What do you think?