Top online e-commerce shopping sites in Ghana in 2021

Top online e-commerce shopping sites in Ghana in 2021

What are the list of the top e-commerce online shopping sites in Ghana to order things online today?

Africans are very smart people, they dear to pathways with their hard-earned money without getting value, this is why online buying and selling is not getting so popular as expected especially when compared with other regions of the world like Asia, Europe, and America.

You can still attribute this over smartness to lack of information about how things work buying online and the general e-commerce system, many are not aware that the online payment system are been made as secured as possible to facilitate a safe online transaction, they are not aware of other things like asking for a refund, canceling orders and etc.

However, e-commerce is slowly getting embrace in Africa, and today Ghana has one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in West Africa.

It’s why we had decided to look into some of the most popular e-commerce websites in Ghana today.

List of online shopping sites in Ghana

These are top online stores that sells from clothing to electronics, whatever it is you decided to buy online, there’s a store on this list where you can place your order over the internet and have it delivered to your door step Nationwide Ghana.

1. Jumia Ghana

Jumia e-commerce remains the largest e-commerce retailer in Africa active online shopping outlets in top countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt.

Jumia Ghana is the biggest and most versatile online shopping website in Ghana, the online shop has a broad range of products and sells just about anything and everything you can think of in commodity goods.

Much more they have sub-outlets for other services such as jumia car, jumia travel, jumia one, jumia pay that caters for other value services.

Jumia online shop keeps a very user-friendly interface that makes it possible for smart kids to shop on the platform unaided, when it comes to secure payment processing, you have nothing to worry about as the company already have in place secured payment infrastructure to facilitate the payment for goods, it may also interest you to know that the payment system is designed to be very flexible, you have different options when it comes to paying for goods bought on jumia.

The store remains one of the online shop in Ghana that are still accepting POD-payment on delivery for customers or buyers who would only like to pay for their goods on arrival to their door.

2. Zoobashop

The next online shopping site on our list is Zoobashop. The eCommerce website claims to be the Largest online retail Store in Ghana, the store is proudly Ghana owned and is rated as the next best biggest online shopping sites in Ghana by Ghana news outlets

We checked the website and what we see is a very vast category of product catalogs, which means that buyers have a broad category of items to order ranging from fashion to phones, electronics, baby products, groceries and lots more.

3. Cheki Ghana

Cheki is the biggest online Car retail outlet in Ghana today. It is a multi Vendor platform where you can buy and sell Cars In Ghana. Cheki Ghana has other retail outlets in other African countries such as Nigeria.

The website is more of a Car listing website with premium services. The Car retail website also offers auto loan packages for prospective or buyers. With Thousands of Cars listed for sale on the website, cheki remains the biggest online car retail outlet in Ghana.

4. Melcomonline

the next best online shopping store in Ghana is melcomonline. If you are someone who likes to shop conveniently from the comfort of your home Melcom is another reliable online shopping outlet to place order for your items.

Melcom is a large retail outlet of 36 stores across ghana to meet the Supply needs of customers nationwide.

5. SuperPrice

The next online shop on our list of top shopping websites in Ghana is Superprice, if you have visited or by from here before you can tell it is an exceptional Store with a memorable shopping experience.

They have a huge catalog of quality products, some other things we like about this online store is a flexible payment system, buyers are allowed to buy on the platform using the most convenient payment and shipping method for them, you can either make payment with your bank debit card, mobile money, bank transfer or better still COD popularly known as cash on delivery.

6. Kikuu online shopping

Kikuu is more like an international online shopping outlet that allows you to buy goods from outside Ghana, it works just like wish and AliExpress except for the the fact that Kikuu is very popular in Ghana and Nigeria. You can order any product from the website in local currency and have it shipped to you from outside Ghana within 10 to 14 days.

It’s interesting to shop online, seeing the lot of conveniences it brings, it’s not only lucrative for buyers, it’s also highly profitable if you are a seller and have products to sell online, but you can also easily triple your sales selling online owning to the increasing mobile penetration and Internet data evolution.

The reason we have decided to come up with the list of best-shopping sites in Ghana is to make sure you’re safe and you don’t lose your hard-earned money to online scammers. These shops to some extent have real reviews from real users who have bought on the platforms in time past.

Also for bigger brand names like jumia you have fewer things to worry about when shopping online except for making sure you’re getting value for money.Yes! Value, some of the products listed on the shopping sites are by other vendors or suppliers, you want to be radical and logical in your product assessment and not rush to make a purchase, this way you will be sure that what the seller advertises is correct and accurate at the given price.

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