How to Unshare Glo data in 2021

How to Unshare Glo data in 2021

Sharing of data via Glo mobile network is an amazing scheme as it helps to foster love and unity amidst friends and family, but what if those you share your data with are misusing the great opportunity and they surf the internet for unnecessary and irrelevant stuff, thereby consuming your data faster.

Another situation could arise where someone outsmarted you by adding their number to the list of phone numbers you have permitted to make use of your data subscription. This could be from Someone you trust enough to hand over your smart or Mobile Device to or it could be a total stranger who is trying to play smart. These two scenarios, it is of a necessity that you know how to unshare your Glo data.

So in This Article, I would list the basic and simple ways on how to unshare your Glo data subscription but first for a newbie who might not know what Glo data sharing is all about.

Glo Data sharing is a scheme put in place by the telecommunication company “Globacom” owned by the business mogul Femi Otedola, Where their Glo customers have been given the liberty to share their Glo data subscription with their families and friends.

Basic facts about Glo data sharing that you may or may not know

1) The intended number must be registered under the Glo customer as a family or friend.

2) The scheme only works with Glo customers meaning both the sharer and the intended number must be on the Glo network.

3) you can add the numbers want.

4) *127*00# or SMS “list” to 127 is the code or message you will send if you ever want to check the numbers registered on your Glo data sharing.

I would briefly talk about how to add someone to your Glo data sharing.

There might be that one person you so loved, be it a family member or your relationship partner and to help them save their money for other useful things rather than for subscription, you would want to share your Data subscription because one beautiful thing I love about Glo telecommunications company is their cheap prices for their huge data bundles, so Sharing your data subscription won’t come at a loss for you.

In adding a number to your data sharing just follow this basic step. *127*01*beneficial number# or SMS “add beneficial number” to 127. And the number is good to go in using your Data subscription.


There are two major ways of unsharing your Glo data, either by SMS or by USSD code.


Follow this basic step if you are making use of the SMS method.

Text “Remove beneficial number” to 127.
for example :
Send “Remove 07046700000” to 127.


The USSD code is also an easy method.

Simply Dial *127*02*beneficial number then #
For example:
Dial *127*02*07046700000# and the number will be removed within seconds cutting off the privileges the person once enjoyed using your Data.

Should in case you aren’t the type that likes using codes or SMS commands, there is another easy way but you would have to make use of your internet access.


From the smartphone that you have your Glo sim in, you must note that it must be from the smartphone that has your Glo sim in then go to “ ” and click the features for Glo Sharing, in the platform you would see the features you would see both the Sharing and unsharing features.

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