100 Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria 2020


untapped business in nigeria

Check out these flowing list of Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria,

1. Game Store Business Nigeria

Gaming is of the business ideas in Nigeria that is yet to be explored to the fullest. Of course, things in the business world are not all fun and games. Starting a business is hard work, and you have to be ready to put in the hours before you can see a profit. If you persevere, though, you will have a store that fits with your interests, and you earn a good profit. Start a gaming store business

2. Car Body Shop Business Nigeria

People rely on garage car bodywork to repair vehicle damage from accidents and daily wear and tear. Garage bodywork cars also provide regular maintenance services, such as paint retouching and tire rotations. A career in automotive services can be challenging and rewarding.

If you are informed in car repairs and want to own a business, several car owners in Nigeria are looking for the service of a good car body shop repair, with a good location and little network you are good to go on this Business idea.

3. Photo and Image Printing Business in Nigeria

Printing business generally is another brilliant business idea in Nigeria. Image print companies are busier than usual.

People love to capture memorable moments. Even digital cameras tiuny in size can take high-quality photographs.

Capturing a memory is something that people desire, and sharing that memory with others is part of that experience. A photo printing business can focus exclusively on digital printing, or it can be broader and include traditional photo processing. However, creating a niche business can keep you competitive and even keep costs down at the start.

4. Popcorn making Business in Nigeria

Popcorn, popcorn … Get Your Popcorn! Everybody loves popcorn. Start a popcorn making business in your city and earn extra money throughout the summer.

We never stop eating popcorn, a lot of them, this is one business idea that is easy to start on a low-cost budget.

5. Clothing Business line in Nigeria

Starting a new fashion brand is a challenging task: the market is heavily saturated with clothing and break companies where careful and creative planning is needed.

You will need an excellent and well-presented business plan if you need investment from a bank or a private investor. Experienced business plan writers cost money, so if you’re running out of money, DIY, following a natural step to follow by the step formula.

6. Homemade cosmetics Business in Nigeria

Handmade cosmetics and craft companies are becoming increasingly prosperous due to growing consumer demand for products that are made to measure and contain some aggressive chemicals. It is possible to start this type of activity regardless of the size of the city in which you live because you can detail your creations online. Starting a homemade cosmetics business can be fun, but there is a good deal of planning and research involved.

7. Money Lending Business in Nigeria

Determining the best way to start a business can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a new entrepreneurial spirit. Starting a money lending business is full of various laws and regulations that must be fully understood before the doors can be officially opened for businesses.

Proper planning will help ensure the success of your money lending business and avoid the possibility that it will become another small failure statistic. Everything from outlining a business vision for implementing infrastructure systems should be set up to promote the health of your business. Check out platforms like flint loans where you can safely lend out money to other people and make interest annually or monthly.

8. Construction site catering business in Nigeria

Open a catering business for construction site workers. Mobile catering trucks offer a variety of prepared food, such as breakfast products, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.

You can own and manage a catering truck on a part-time or full-time depending on your schedule. With small overhead and marketing costs, you can start running a successful restaurant yard business in no time. Buy a truck and get the license you need to sell food to get started

9. Public transport business in Nigeria

The public transport business is a big operation. There are cities and state ordinances to consider as well as the final cost of hiring employees and equipment and construction.


A business plan is a gateway to getting external financing, being approved for credit by vendors, setting guidelines for how you intend to run your business, and setting your goals.

10. Start a jewelry business in Nigeria

Are you ready to turn your jewel making talent into profit? The main concern you may have is how much it will cost. Start your own jewelry business and don’t have to break the bank. The Internet has made it easier than ever to start a business without much money behind you. Those who are on a small budget can use some simple tips to help them get their foot in the door.

11. Massage Business in Nigeria

Starting a message-based business is a relatively inexpensive business, with minimal overhead and quite low start-up costs. However, getting a steady stream of customers can take months. When possible, do not leave your job until you have started filling your diary.

Keep in mind that, as a self-employed, you will also be responsible for getting your customers, paying taxes, and managing expenses. Once you’ve obtained certification, you can follow a few simple steps to help your business from the ground.

12. Importation Business in Nigeria

Each country will need to export or import goods. If you have planned to start an import/export business, you need to identify the products and their respective destinations effectively to succeed in this business.

It is expected you have a good knowledge of the international markets and the economy, the necessary conditions and requirements existing in the various countries and the required documents to submit

13. Lingerie business in Nigeria

The lingerie industry is responsible for millions of women who feel like a million dollars every day. Starting a lingerie business can be an enriching journey; those who are coming out and thoroughly enjoy making women feel sexy. Besides, a lingerie business can be operated from home or in a boutique.

14. Kids Toy Store Business in Nigeria

The magic of toys and children who love them is historical. But your business can’t just stay stable on sentiment: you’ll need to carefully study a business plan to better plan your future business and limit damage and any disagreeable surprises.

15. App development Startup in Nigeria

App development is a business for Businesses, and you can make a lot of money, making functional apps for businesses. With more than 30 million per day downloads, app downloading is a popular hobby among consumers.

The problem is often to take an app from conception to high-tech reality – but experts agree that anyone can develop a successful and potentially profitable mobile app with the right approach and effort.

The market for mobile devices applications, such as tablets and smartphones, is continually expanding and has rosy growth expectations for the future. This positive trend is due to two main factors..read more.

16. Web Development in Nigeria

Starting a web development company is an excellent idea; however, you need the skill to get started as it is a highly skilled one. If you noticed well, you would come to realize that the world of SMEs is continuously growing and they are seeking on giving more clarity to their business development vision; if you have the skills required, you can start making an impressive recurring annual income from building websites for budding businesses in Nigeria.

17. Car Tracking Company in Nigeria

Vehicle tracking is one of the best ways to recover a stolen vehicle. Using a technology that allows radio towers to locate the location of a machine, the monitoring device can then report this location directly to you or a police officer.

The vehicle can then be located and recovered, often within a few hours of activation. Many companies and private individuals are looking for this service.

18. Video Game Business in Nigeria

The video game industry in our country is fastly booming. , the number of video games that are purchased, as well as that of consoles, is growing and also does not stop the trend of downloading games on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Find a Niche here? Why wait!

19. Methane Distributorship

Opening a methane distributor could be an exciting business idea as Nigerians are increasingly fond of this type of fuel because of the significantly lower costs compared to gasoline and diesel.

20. Inverter and Solar Business

It is a market that is growing at a very high rate; the possibilities for expansion are considerable. Global photovoltaics is the fastest growing technology market, with about every two years leading up to the doubling of photovoltaic cell production. Helping homes to get an alternative source of Energy n can surely make you a lot of money.

21. Yoga Instructors Startup

Yoga is a thousand-year-old practice born in the East: the first traces of yoga appear between 5000 and 4000 BC in the area now occupied by India and Pakistan.

In fact, in the archaeological excavations carried out in these areas, the very first historical finds have been found, such as figurines and depictions sitting in yogic positions as proof of the existence of this practice at that time.

22. Electric Fencing Business in Nigeria

Many Nigerians are increasingly getting serious about securing their properties and family, so they are beginning to think towards the subject of electronic security, one of these e-security solutions is installing Electric fence in the perimeter of their homes and properties to ward off intruders.

So, in this context, an Electric fence has proven to be an effective system to protect their home and office perimeter., it involves the use of an electrified fence that deters through high voltage electric shocks people who seek to gain entrance to a premise without authorization.

You need to be skilled in this direction to start a business, but the fact remains it is a business that is fastly gaining traction in Nigeria, and you can make a great company out of the idea.

23. Swimming pool construction business in Nigeria

Having a country house, whether it is a large estate or a small country estate, anyone will want to have a pool. Well, who will give up their sea right outside the window?  And, in addition to enjoying the freshwater in the hot summer months, the presence of a pool has always been a sign of well-being and luxury life.

Previously, indeed, the pool could afford only wealthy owners of luxury country houses. Today, things have changed and the installation of “pool outside the window” can afford almost everyone.  Swimming pool construction is constantly increasing in Nigeria as more luxury homes and apartments are incorporating it in their premises.

24. sports and recreation construction business
25. Recycling Business
26. Windows and Blinds Business
27. Furniture and Fitting Business
28. Curtains Business
29. Traditional clothing and Attire Business
30. Herbal Therapy Business
31. Animation and illustration business
32. Food Tech and Processing
33. Agriculture
34. Shoe Production Business
35. Travel Agency
36. Mobile/telecom Store
37. Borehole Drilling Business
38. Tuition Centre
39. Furniture and fittings business
40. Online Bakery
41. Online Tutoring
42. Online Tailor Shop
43. Blogging Business
44. Youtubing
45. Event Organisation
46. Master of Ceremony
47. Wedding Consultation
48. Event Decoration online
49. Drone Controller
50. Photography
51. Ghostwriting
52. Customized Wedding Rings Busines
53. Epoxy and 3D Paintings
54. 3D wallpaper Designs
55. Advertisement campaign developers
56. Products Designers
57. Social Media managers and Strategists
58. IT Enterprise Support Businesses
59. Game Development
60. SEO Experts and Consultants
61. Digital Marketing Experts
62. Online Fitness Instructors
63. Graphic Designers
64. Kids Music School
65. Dance School
66. Kids Football Training School
67. Comedy
68. Scriptwriting
69. Shakes and Smoothies
70. Fruit Salad Business
71. Corporate Food Business
72. Pet Day Care and Vet Services
73. Food Truck
74. Rearing Costly dog breeds
75. Sports Coaching
76. Interstate Transport Business
77. Tour Guide
78. Translator
79. Cardmakers and Designers
80. Artist and Designing
81. Cooking Classes
82. Marriage and counseling Consultant
83. Temping Service
84. Private Tuition Business
85. Laundry and Drycleaning Online
86. Food Delivery Services
87. Selling School and Corporate Uniforms
88. Cleaning Business
89. Live-in Caregivers
90. Real Estate Business
91. Grocery Delivery Businesses
92. Ecommerce
93. Bus Service Website
94. Escrow Payment Service
95. Wholesale Listing Website
96. Bus service Website
97. Online Auction Website
98. Ads Agency
99. Insurance Agency
100. Ice Cream and cake Business
101. Small Chops making
102. Security Solutions Business
103. Language Instructors and Trainers (French & Germany, Chinese)
104. Clothing Lines
105. Shipping Business
106. Procurement Companies
107. Poultry Business
108. Sports Product manufacturing
109. Printing Business
110. Leather Products Business
111. Papercraft
112. Product Packaging and Boxing
113. Carton Making
114. Logistics and Delivery
115. Freelance writing
116.Video Editing
117. Djing
118. Sound and Record Production
119. Online Book Store
120. Resume Writing and Design
121. Car Dealership
122. Car Driving School
123. Mutual Fund Agent
124. Career Guidance and Counsellor
125. Content Marketing
126. Copywriting

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