Top 10 USA Job sites in 2021

Top 10 USA Job sites in 2021
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Now that you have a clear professional goal,an effective resume and cover letter and you’ve built a good reputation online,thanks to Linkedin,you’re finally ready to activate yourself looking for job offers that are right for you!

The first recommended channel is the web, on which you can find monothematic sites, and useful aggregators that allow you to know the job offers published by companies. And they also have many other features. Let’s see in detail the list of the best sites to find work with all the pros and cons.

Based on our opinion, these are the best in our opinion, but only you can figure out which of these is best for you. This is because the perfect site for everyone does not exist, each has its own features, its merits, and its flaws, and therefore each of these sites is the best to find work for someone. The order in which they are presented, therefore, is not a quality ranking but, rather, a classification.

The most effective way to find the kind of job you’re looking for might be the one in the middle of the list, or even the last one! For this, we give you a piece of advice: read everyone’s characteristics well and try more than one! All job search sites listed, in fact, offer free services (usually only companies pay and those looking for workers, not those, like you, looking for work). Remember that the more you try, the more chances you have of finding a job.

1 – Jooble is a platform that aggregates a lot of job offers from different sources. By doing a single search on jooble you can then carry out a job search at the same time on more than 3905 sites dedicated to the world of work in the USA, thus saving a lot of time and finding opportunities faster in line with your requirements, in order to be able to apply before the others.

2 – InfoJobs

Infojobs allows you to search for interesting offers among all those posted by companies on the site, making the search very targeted thanks to the use of filters, including industry, location, km away, contract type, salary and experience required, date of publication and much more.

Unlike Indeed, you must register to apply by creating your own account, in which you will have to create your own CV and cover letter. from your account you can also follow the progress of your applications and see the company that has searched and displayed your CV in the search engine.

An interesting feature is a possibility of not being visible and/or searchable by certain companies, a very useful function for example to maintain a certain discretion and not let your employer know that you are active in the search for a new job.

3 – Monster

Monster is another very reliable site for finding job offers, a reference point for many years for those looking for work on the web. By creating your own account, you can search for offers by setting different filters. publish your CV (deciding to make it visible to companies or not) and apply for offers.

There is also a section of the job site where you can find tips and information dedicated to those who are looking for work, whether it is at the first experience or want to relocate after several years of experience.

4 – Indeed is a search engine where you can search for work by consulting the many offers published by companies on different sites,which are indexed by industry and location.

The user can do his own searches, save them, create alerts to receive in their email box new ads in line with their preferences and of course respond by sending their CV.

This site gives the possibility to upload your CV or to create one online and also to publish it in a search engine where companies can actively search for it, even without having published an offer.

5 –

I find work is the job board website where you can register for free to find the offers of the advertiser companies and send your CV, but also research internships and training courses as well as do targeted research on companies and sectors of interest.

Here, too, you can also use location and professional-specific search keys and create alerts that alert you when an interesting new offer is published.

In the “Work Guide” section you can delve into legal and contractual issues as well as find advice on how to write a CV, evaluate an announcement, face a job interview and define your career path.

7 –ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter supports the ability to search for offers, applying specific queries, to many useful services for job seekers such as payroll calculation, guidance on contract types, and pension calculation. In addition, using the collaboration of the journalists of the newspaper, it offers daily insights and news about the world of work.

Two specific job-seeking services for recent graduates should be noted: the “graduate channel” where news, internship opportunities, training and useful tips for those who are looking for their way after graduation and “publish the thesis” a free service dedicated to those who want to hit the attention of a potential employer by publishing their thesis online and demonstrating their technical knowledge.

8 – SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job search site that gives users the ability to search through hundreds of thousands of job offers quickly and easily.

In addition, it provides users with useful information about job search, through an atlas of professions in which the main professional figures are described in detail, and a blog where comprehensive and effective guides on the world of work are published.

9 – Glassdoor

Here is a site that allows a different approach to job search. It is Glassdoor,a site where you can be noticed by companies for their skills and abilities and not for their CV.

Instead of responding to a job posting, you can come up with your own idea on Glassdoor to solve a business problem and then demonstrate your professional skills right away. By registering for free you can upload your idea, which will be protected by some kind of copyright, and decide to send it as a self-qualifying to a company of our interest.

Or respond to offers posted on the site directly from companies eager no longer to receive cv but concrete proposals to solve business problems. A different but potentially very effective process of finding work online!

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