What does iger mean on Instagram?

The hashtag iger is trending these days as it is been used by more people on Instagram as hashtag, but what does iger mean on Instagram?

Iger is a word peculiar to the IG platform, it is one of the newly invented words invented within the instagram community, The truth is that Iger is a word that is very much from Instagram’s jargon. Do not worry about not knowing what it means, because if we had to know everything that appears on social networks, we would end up going crazy. Anyway, look at these definitions

IGER: “Instagramer”, this means, a person who is very active on Instagram and who makes many publications and daily interactions.

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When you talk about groups and communities, it is because, for example, there is a person who likes a sport or lives in a specific town and wants to be an active participant in this specific community. That’s when they add iger in front of what I’m telling you. I’ll give you an example to make it clearer.

All those who publish with this hashtag, are Instagrammers who are publishing a photo that has been made in Spain. If you want to be a participant, you will have to follow this community.

An iger in instagram is that person who is very active in the social network and who is part of a community that talks about some topic.

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