Whatsapp New Feature lets you block Unsolicited Group Adds

Whatsapp New Feature lets you block Unsolicited Group Adds

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature to give users better experience using the app, the number 1 social media app in the world with more than 1 billion has been looking at adding new features since the last 90 days, the feature lets users reject being added to groups without prior information.

I think the company is commendable for this, It is sincerely very annoying that you get added to some groups without been formally informed and the next thing you see is a thousand random clustered messages from a group you don’t even the source or what is about.

We have waited for this update so long and here it comes. The update has been made available to some users, so right now all you need to do to key into the new feature is to update your current WhatsApp to the latest version.

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The bottom line is, whether a WhatsApp Group is relevant or the other way round, whether it is owned by a close friend or total stranger, users need to be informed formally before they get added to any group.

More than just this update, the company have been rolling out several updates this year to enhance the functionality of the app and prepare it for next year monetization strategy come 2021.

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