Whatsapp to start showing ads in 2021

Whatsapp to start showing ads in 2021
Whatsapp to start showing ads in 2021

Chris Daniels, the vice president of WhatsApp in November of 2018, disclosed in interview what many feared : 

WhatsApp will begin to show advertisements . At that time, Daniels did not give a date for this to happen, but he did say that at first they appeared in the ‘States’ of the application.

Today it has finally been confirmed that they will arrive in 2021 and what the new Whatsapp with ads may look like has been showcased.

The showcase was at the Facebook Marketing Summit 2019 (FMS19) in Rotterdam, where the company exemplified how the new advertising tools within WhatsApp will be implemented in the bid new to monetize the world’s largest instant messaging app with 1.5 billion active users. 
Advertising in the ‘States’ of WhatsApp, for the moment
The head of media at the Be Connect agency Olivier Ponteville, was uploading to Twitter some photographs of the conference where he showcased how the advertising will reach WhatsApp during the next year in the above diagram.
It was originally highlighted that the ads will appear in the ‘States’ of WhatsApp to take advantage of its more than 500 million users , just as it is obtainable on Facebook and Instagram.
Although this first attempt to put advertising on WhatsApp is not intended for chats , company is in the midst of designing an all new  messaging app different from what it is now, the new format to appear within the conversations.

This format includes outstanding images, quick access to information without having to leave the app, rich text formatting and direct feedback sending to the company.

Companies that use WhatsApp Business to chat customers will not appear in our chats in an intrusive way unless we have started a conversation with them.
In conclusion, and as part of the inter-operability approaching for Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp , Facebook have also confirmed that these new options will be available from Facebook Ads, as part of the catalog of options offered by the company to advertisers.

This will allow advertising campaigns across all three platforms to be programmed centrally from the main facebook website, which will be a lot easier for advsertisers.

Facebook confirmed that we should expect to see these options deployed in 2021 , but at unconfirmed date.

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