Why only a Lawyer can access the internet in Sudan

Why only a Lawyer can access the internet in Sudan
Sudanese lawyer by the name Abdel Adhim Hasan
The only Sudanese lawyer who has access to internet  Abdel Adhim Hasan

Sudanese lawyer by the name Abdel Adhim Hasan has protested that the Internet services in Sudan, which have been interrupted for three weeks, have not yet been reinstated after he filed a petition in a court of law in the nation a few days ago.

The country does not have access to the Internet after a military Junta overthrew the dictator Omar al Bashir

The court acknowledged the appeal of Abdel Adhim Hasan on Sunday and well-ordered Zain Sudan, the country’s telecom service provider, to reinstate Internet services. At that time, Hassan said: “The restoration order will have immediate effect.”

However, the board has only reimbursed Internet access to the barrister. The rest of the populace still can not use the net. The barrister lately said he anticipates at least a million individuals to browse the internet again later this week and the circumstances will be fixed after holding two new sessions in court.

The internet has been on hold for three weeks when solid repression by the security forces of the military junta began to the civil protests that took place in Khartoum, the capital of the country. This military junta governs the country after deposing the autocrat Omar al Bashir last April after 30 years in control.

In detail, in January of this year, the totalitarian Omar al Bashir also carried out a similar strategy since it blocked access to social networks to avoid remonstrations.

Apparently, the censoring has occurred in virtually the entire nation for both users of immovable and mobile networks as assured by the NGO NetBlocks.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) has lamented that these limitations have befallen has made it problematic for its staff to communicate in the nation, as assured by Rick Brennan, director of the UN regional agency.

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