How to Perform Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal without ATM

How to Perform Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal without ATM

Yes! You can withdraw cash from ATM without your debit card if you are a Zenith account holder and this is all you need to know about it. First, the process is referred to as cardless withdrawal, it is a technology-facilitated system that makes it possible for NUBAN account holders to cash out of Automated Teller machines without having their cards, in the next few lines below you will be able to catch up with the full intel on how it works.

Have you ever imagined or found yourself in a situation where you had to rush down to the ATM to grab some cash and on getting there, you realized that you left your ATM card somewhere you couldn’t rush back to at the moment, what would you do?
Or you had probably misplaced your ATM card and you wanted to proceed to the bank so you could cash out over the counter, then you realized it was a Saturday, what would you do?

Well, Zenith bank Nigeria has found a way for customers to be able to manage this situation by adding a cardless withdrawal feature to her banking system.
With this feature, you can withdraw money from any ATM without your ATM card.

One unique thing about the zenith bank cardless withdrawal is that it can be accessed on all mobile phones, regardless of whether or not you are connected to the internet, just make sure the phone number you will be used to dial the code is connected to your bank account.

To be able to perform this cardless withdrawal system, I have provided a detailed guide in this article on how to perform the zenith cardless withdrawal,

Steps to perform the Zenith bank cardless withdrawal

1. Dial *966*00# on the phone number connected to your bank account
2. Select the CARDLESS WITHDRAWAL option from the list of dropdown options displayed
4. Input the amount you want to withdraw (it shouldn’t be more than 20,000)
5. A notification SMS containing your 12 digit code and 4 digit pin will be sent to you
6. Visit any zenith bank ATM close to you and press any button on the ATM
7. Select the quick teller option
7. Enter the 12 digit reference number sent to you
8. Input the 4 digit code
9. Enter the amount requested
10. Enter the phone number connected to your account number
11. Click on done to complete the whole process.
12. Cash is dispensed and that completes the transaction

I hope this guide on zenith cardless withdrawal was helpful, please we want to hear from you, leave your comment at the comment section.
Thanks for reading.

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